Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies
Vol. 16, No. 1, April 2021
Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies
University of Alberta Library

Harmonia Mundi

The 2021 volume of the Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies features works of scholarship, poetry, and visual art suited for the spirit of the time that draws upon the spirit of the depths. It includes three full-length essays that touch on the topics of leadership, individuation, and wisdom, as well as provocative shorter pieces gathered in a section entitled "Conversations in the Field." The short essays address systemic racism, systemic misogyny, LGBTQ+ concerns, and, of course COVID-19. The scope is large, extensive, and diverse—as have been our concerns since March of 2020— and we are pleased that the volume reflects the thinking of established Jungians as well as new voices. Perhaps the wisdom tradition that is depth psychology was never more necessary than in this year of pandemic, political rancor, and cultural upheaval. Readers will not be surprised that the theme of the 2021 volume is katabasis, journey through the underworld.

The Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies (JSSS) was founded in 2002 by an interdisciplinary group of academics seeking opportunities for scholarly discourse on analytical psychology, focusing on the research and theories of Carl Gustav Jung and the post- and neo-Jungians.