Chorus: A Literary Mixtape (2012)
Edited and arranged by Saul Williams with Dufflyn Lammers and Aja Monet
Publisher: MTV Books, Gallery Books, Simon & Schuster
ISBN: ‎978-1451649833

The Salvation

Chorus is the anthem of a new generation of poets unified by the desire to transcend the identity politics of the day and begin to be seen as one. One hundred voices woven through testimony and new testament. It is the cry of the unheard. The occupation of the page itself. It embodies the “speak-up” spirit of the moment, the confidence propagated through hip-hop, and the defiant "WTF?" of the now. It is the voice that comes after the rebellious voice that once cried, "I want my MTV!" branded back to where punk was, slammed up and beyond it. A combination of trash, heart, and craft. An anthology in rant.

Beau Sia, Andrea Gibson, Bekah Dinnerstein, Biafra Guillory, Molly Jones, Kristiana Rae Colon, Def Sound, Kevin Coval, Ciara Miller, Jessica Care Moore, Keisha Monique Simpson, Meghann Plunkett, Suheir Hammad, Rhiannon Reyes, Alex Jones, Rebecca Rushbrook, Jennifer McBroom, Mirlande Jean-Gilles, Porschia L. Baker, Heli Slunga, Jesus Garay, Chas Jackson, Regie Cabico, Amber Tamblyn, Kelly Baker, Bree Rolfe, Staceyann Chin, Se7en, Geoff Kagan Trenchard, Jude Bower, Adam Lowe, Gala Mukomolov, Amir Sulaiman, Justin Long-Moton, Jussi Jaakola, Rickey Laurentiis, Mike Ladd, Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory, Sarah Martin, Erica Miriam Fabri, Adam Falkner, Rio Cortez, Sarah Kay, Ainee Fatima, C.L. McFadyen, Amber Reskey, Taylor Mali, Quinn Patrick Kelly, Taijhet Nyobi, Joan O’f(Art) aka Kali Liberick, Jacob Rakovan, Kwan Booth, Terrance Hayes, Peter Carlaftes, Patricia Smith, Corey Zeller, April Jones, Barry Grass, Rachel Trignano, Lauren Kaminski, C. Elliot, Etainn Zwer, Rachel Mckibbens, Shanita Bigelow, Jennifer Falu, Jasper Faolan, Connor Pierce, Glen Byford, Didier Charlemagne, Brett Bevell, Sibylla Barthes, Eden Jeffries, Caits Meissner, Abiodun Oyewole, Queen Godis, Sharlie Messinger, Kathleen McLeod, Bonafide Rojas, Carlos Andres Gomez, Dominic Viti, Emily Rose Larsen, Joshua Kleinberg, Matt Mason, David Cairns, Inua Ellams, Tara Betts, Ricky Ray, Ila Mira Kavanagh, Vincent Toro, Victorio Reyes, Major Jackson, Bohdan Piasecki

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